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How to set "From email" on EngageMessage?
How to set "From email" on EngageMessage?

It will appear as the sending address to your contacts.

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You can use EngageMessage to send emails to your customers, but what will be the sending address? In other words, when your customers receive your emails, what will be shown on the "from" address?

There are three options to set the sending email address / "from" email address:

I know it may look complicated, but don't worry, I will go through the pros & cons and the how-tos of each option to help you understand.

Option 1. Your EngageMessage Email Address

By default, we will assign you a unique email address when you signed up for your EngageMessage account, this is your sending email address. This email address is also called the "forwarding address" in EngageMessage. You can find it in Settings > Email Forwarding > add > the forwarding address in step 1.

Your default sending address will appear as your from address when your customers receive your email in the inbox. If you do not set your custom email address, this is the sending email address by default.

Why option 1?

It's the easiest way. No setup needed.

Meanwhile, you can still personalize the "from name" to make your emails look more friendly. For example, the example above shows "Marc from EngageMessage". You can set yours to be "YourName from YourBrand".

But if you do not want the long EngageMessage sending address to appear as the from address and you want a more professional sending address, continue reading the next two options.

Option 2. Your Custom Email Address

A very simple way to increase the open rate and click rate of your emails is to make sure your customers recognize who the email is from. That's why a custom sending address is a great option for you.

You can add your custom email address as the sender address on EngageMessage. We will send you a verification email to your custom email address and you can verify it by clicking the link in the email.

When your contacts receive your emails, the sender address will show your custom email address, such as "Angel from Exmaply < [email protected] >" via".

Important: EngageMessage does not support setting a free email provider as your custom sending address. For example, the @gmail and @hotmail email addresses cannot be set as your custom sending address. You can set your business email address, such as [email protected] or [email protected] as your custom sending address.

Why option 2?

Using your own custom email address will build your own brand reputation. Sending from your company email address also looks more professional. Customers who receive the emails will recognize the sender. This will help you build trust and increase the open & click rate of your emails.

How to set up?

To set your own custom email address, you will need to verify your email address. We will send you a verification email and you can click the click in the email to finish the verification. Read this guide to view detailed instructions.

Step 1.

Open EngageMessage app > go to Settings > Addresses & Domains > Add Custom Email.

Step 2.

Enter the custom email information. Add a From Name and a From Email and tap Verify. EngageMessage will send a verification link to the email address you added.

Tips: It's great to let your customers know who is sending the email, so you can add both your name and your brand name to the From Name, such as "Alice from EngageMessage".

Step 3.

Check your inbox and click on the link in this email. It will direct you to log in to your EngageMessage account. Log in and click verify.

You are all set up and now your new custom email address will appear as the sending address on the emails. πŸŽ‰

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