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How to create an email with templates?
How to create an email with templates?

A step-by-step tutorial for creating your first email at EngageMessage.

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Your email shows your branding image and delivers your message. A great-looking email doesn't have to be complicated. We are here to help you send emails people love to read. With all of the templates we have for you, it will be fun!


To send your email to your contacts, make sure you have added your contact list to EngageMessage. There are several ways to add contacts on EngageMessage, you can find instructions here.

Step 1. Select Your Template

We have made some categories for different uses. You can browse all email templates on the "Template" page on the app. Tap the one that fits your case, remember you can always edit the content and design it in your way.

Step 2. Edit The Template

Once your open the template, you can already edit it. Just tap anywhere you want to edit.


You can add a link to a button, a text, or an image. Just click the item and tap the link icon, you will be able to enter or edit the link.

Step 3. Preview & Test

Once you finish editing the template, you can preview the email or send a test email to yourself.

Tap the "Preview & Test" button on the bottom right corner. You can preview the email in both the mobile and desktop view. You can always hit the "Cancel" button and go back to the composer page to make some changes.

If you are happy with the edit, you can send a test email to your email address and check the final result. Just tap the "Send Test" button on the top right corner and enter your email address.

Step 4. Set Email Subject and From Name

At the composer page, tap "Next".

  • Message title. This title is only for internal use. Your email recipient will not see this title.

  • Email Subject. This is the subject line of your email. Your email recipient will see this subject in their inbox.

  • From (from name and from address). Use something your contacts will instantly recognize, like Max from EngageMessage.

Note: If you haven't added any custom email as your From Name and From Address, we will assign you a default one. If you want to add your own email as the From Name and From Address, you can find detailed instructions here.

  • Start Sending: This is when the email will be started sending. It can start immediately or from a set time.

  • Stop Sending: You can stop sending this email at a set time or never stop until it sends to all your recipients.

Step 5. Send Or Save

If you are ready to send your email now, just tap the Next button and we will lead you to a broadcast page. On this page, you can set the email recipients.

Read this tutorial for how to edit your broadcast.

If you are not ready to send your email now, you can save your work as a draft and come back later to send it. Just tap the return arrow and select Save Draft.

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