When you create a campaign, you have two options to send your messages to your contacts: ongoing message or one-off message.

What's the difference between the two and how do you choose?

  • Ongoing message: we will send your message to everyone who matches your rules now and in the future until you pause the campaign.

  • One-off message: we will only send your message to people who match your rules right now.

For example, you want to send a promotion email to your VIP customers. You set the rule that contacts who've been tagged "VIP" will receive this email.

If you choose the ongoing message, we will send it to everyone who matches this rule in the future. You can keep adding "VIP" tags on your contacts. Once your contact is tagged, he/she will receive this email.

If you choose the one-off message, we will only send it to your contacts that currently have the "VIP" tag. When you tag more customers "VIP", they will not receive this email.

When should I choose ongoing messages?

Ongoing messages work better when you are sending a welcome email to your new contacts, so every time you have new contacts join your list, they will receive your warm welcome letter.

When do ongoing messages send?

Once you set the ongoing campaign alive, we will start to send your message to your contacts who match the rules now and in the future. Once you pause or end the campaign, we will stop sending.

When should I choose one-off messages?

If you are making an announcement and sending notifications to your contacts, you may want to send it all at once. A one-off message works better in this case.

When do one-off messages send?

Once you publish the one-off campaign, we will start to send your message to all contacts who match the rules right now. Once all messages are sent, the campaign will automatically end.

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