Manage your contacts by tags

Learn how to tag, what to tag and how to search tags.

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Adding tags is a great way for you to manage your contact list. Tags let you identify your contacts and group them together. You can segment your contacts by grouping contacts with tags. It will help you send targeted messages to different groups and drive better results.

How to tag contacts?

#1 Tag any time

To tag a contact, just tap the contact and open the profile page, tap "+ New Tags" button. Then select the tag or create a new tag. Hit Done to save the change.

#2 Tag when you add contacts in EngageMessage

You can also add tags when you add the contacts in EngageMessage. Remember there are four ways to add contacts to EngageMessage? Check out how to add contacts in EngageMesage.

  1. add a single contact

  2. import from your phone's contact book

  3. import from CSV

  4. import from MailChimp

The system will ask you when you are in the process of adding tags.

  • When you add a single contact on Engagemessage, you can add tags to one contact each time.

  • When you import contacts from your phone's contact book or from a CSV file, the tags you add will be added to all contacts that import at the same time.

  • When you import contacts from MailChimp, all the tags you have on MailChimp will be kept the same and move to EngageMessage.

What to tag?

Remember the tags are used to better manage your contact and send targeted messages. So a good tag should show some key elements of the contacts, so it can help you quickly identify who that contact is. Here are some tips on what to tag.

Role - The contact's role in the company, such as "Marketer", "CEO", "Accountant", etc. This can help you send personalized messages according to different roles in the company and nurture your leads to customers.

Behavior - It could be the contact's purchasing behavior at your business, such as "VIP customer", "Royal customer", "Return customer" etc. If you know who is your most loyal and valuable customers, you can pursue them to leave better reviews for your business.

Altitude - It can be helpful to tag the altitude of your contacts, such as "Happy", "Unsatisfied", etc. The altitude can always change, remember to keep updated on the tags. It will help you build a better relationship with your customers.

Stage - The contact's purchasing stage, such as "Ready to buy", "Comparing", "Delivered", etc. A right message at the right time can become the little push to turn viewers into customers.

How to search for tagged contacts?

Open your EngageMessage app > go to Contacts page > tap the search icon on the top right corner > enter the tag you want to search for > you will see all contacts that have this tag.

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