How to set your profile photo?

This is the profile photo within EngageMessage and the sender photo in the email you send

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Set a profile photo will add some personal touch to your messages. You can set your profile photo within EngageMessage and the photo will be shown to your users when you send them messages or reply to them.

Note: This photo is not the sender photo that shows in the recipients' inboxes. See the above screenshot, the sender photo is the "K" in the green background that is in front of the sender name. This sender photo needs to be set in your email address settings, outside of EngageMessage.

How to set your EngageMessage profile photo?

Open EngageMessage app > go to Settings > go to Profile Photo > tap Edit and select the photo > tap Done to finish.

How to set the sender photo?

You will need to go to your email provider to set this. If you use Gmail, you can find information here: Change your Gmail profile picture

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