To build your subscriber list, you will need a landing form, or a landing page, or both. But what is the difference between a landing form and a landing page?

A landing form is an opt-in box that can be embedded on your website, your blog post, or set to pop up on any page. The page where you embed a landing form must be your website.

Once you finish creating and editing your landing form on EngageMessage, click the share button and copy the JavaScript code. Open your website, paste the code in the HTML section. Then your visitors or shoppers can sign up for your list by entering their email addresses. You will have the new subscribers in your EngageMessage Contacts.

💡 See how to create a form.

A landing page is a mini-website. It will have its own shareable link. So you can share it on multiple social accounts. A landing page is a great way to showcase your business. You can add information about your business, a video, and of course, a signup box.

If you are collecting subscribers from social platforms like Facebook or Instagram, a landing page is the best way! You can put your landing page link on your bio and all subscribers gathered will be added to your EngageMessage Contacts.

Once you finish creating and editing your landing page on EngageMessage, just share the link across social platforms. It will be your own website and help you collect subscribers just like a landing form does.

💡 See how to create a landing page.

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