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How to edit button link in email broadcasts?
How to edit button link in email broadcasts?

Email broadcast cannot be published without adding links to email buttons.

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There're buttons in the email templates when you create a email broadcast. The button is a very important call-to-action that directs the customers to go to your store.

​Important: Without adding a URL link to all buttons in an email, the email broadcast cannot be published.

Different from the Shopify Automation Series, in which the system has already pre-built the button link for every button, the email templates for broadcast need to be edited manually.

How to edit button link?

  1. On the email template, tap the button you want to edit

  2. On the popup window, tap the link πŸ”— icon

  3. Add your store URL and press "Add Link" to save

Important: Some email templates may contain more than one button, please make sure you add links to ALL BUTTONS in your email templates.

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