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Why my email sending is deactivated?
Why my email sending is deactivated?

spam checking helps protect your sender reputation

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At EngageMessage, we want to make sure that the right emails are delivered to the right people. Therefore it is essential to make sure that you know your email recipients and deliver them good content.

If the percentage of nonexistent email addresses is unusually high, it will decrease your sender reputation. If that happens, we will temporarily deactivated your email sending.

To reactivate your email sendings, please contact us and let us know how did you collect your contacts. We will reactivate your email sending after reviewing your case.

How do I avoid being deactivated?

Upload the contacts you know and ensure the email addresses are existent. Never buy an email list. You may experience a high bounce rate. It will largely hurt your sender reputation and deliverability.

We recommend you start sending emails to your most engaged contacts. Then, gradually increase the recipients. Add more recipients to your email campaign. This will warm up your sending address and build you a better sender reputation.

Sending relevant content to targeted contacts is also a good way to increase your sender reputation. You can use tags to segment your contacts and send contents that will interest different segments. No only will the sender reputation increase, you will also get higher engagement and higher return by sending relevant contact to targeted contacts. So why not?

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