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How to create an email broadcast?
How to create an email broadcast?

Compose your email, select recipients, schedule send time.

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To create and send a successful email broadcast, you will need two steps:

  1. Create your broadcast - 📍 You're here!

In this article, we'll walk you through the whole process of creating an email broadcast.

What is email broadcast?

There are two types of email campaigns: Email series and Email broadcast. Email series is a series of automated emails, while email broadcast is a one-time send.

If you are planning of announcement, product launch, or notification, email broadcast is perfect for you.

How to create an email broadcast?

Go to Campaigns page > tap "+ New campaign" button, you will need to set the followings:

Broadcast Title

This title is for internal use only. Your contacts will not see this title.

Email Message

This is the email message that your contacts will receive.

Tap Create email message and you can select the email from your draft or choose a template to edit. View guide on how to create an email with a template.

You can edit the template as you want. Most importantly, don’t forget to add a link to your button, so your customers can be directed to your shop. You can also track in EngageMessage later to see if your customers click the button and when they click it.

From Name & Address

The top row is “From", which refers to From Name and "From Address. This information will appear as the sender name and email address in your recipients’ inbox.

  • For the From Name, we want to have something that our customers will easily recognize. For example, Marc from EngageMessage.

  • For the From Address, we highly recommend you use a company email as your sender address. Sending from your company email address also looks more professional. Customers who receive the emails will recognize the sender. This will help you build trust and increase the open & click rate of your emails.

The default From Name and Address will be your sign-up name and signup email. If you want to edit it, please go to Settings > Addresses & Domains.

If you want to add another From Name and From Address, tap "Add Custom Email" button or go to Settings > Addresses & Domains.

TIP: If you see a mark "unverified", you'll need to verify this email before you can use it for sending campaigns. Just tap on it. You will receive a verification email. You can click the link in the email and finish the verification.

Email Subject

The second row is the email subject. Remember to keep it short and effective. You can also add emojis in your subject line. 🤩

Preview & Test

After editing your email, you can tap the Preview & Test button to preview the final version of your email. It allows you to preview in mobile view and desktop view. You can also send a test email to your own (or someone else's) inbox.

Who Will Receive It

This is where you select the recipients of the broadcast. By default, it is set to all contacts you have on EngageMessage. You can view the total recipient number on the top section.

To get a better open rate and email deliverability, we highly recommend you send targeted campaigns. This is to be said, don't send large, impersonal email blasts. If your content is not valuable to your recipients, it may be marked as spam.

You can use rules to filter out the targeted audience. For example, you can send a campaign to those who have a particular tag. Or you want to send a re-engagement campaign to retain customers who are slipping away. You can target contacts who were "Last Seen" and "Last Heard From" in 60 days.

You can set multiple rules. But don't forget to set the logic between different rules.

  • “and” means the contact needs to match all the rules.

  • “or” means the contact needs to match either one of the rules.

The rules help you create a flexible and targeted audience for your campaign and this is crucial to get higher engagement and result from your campaign.

Ongoing & One-off

This is how you want to send your broadcast. Ongoing campaigns will keep sending this email to people who match your rules in the future. While the One-off campaigns will only send to people who match your rules right now.

If you are not sure which type you should choose, check How to choose between ongoing and one-off messages.

Schedule Time

This is the time when your broadcast will start sending and stop sending. You can schedule the sending to start to stop at a particular date and time.

Note: The date and time you set will be y our app's timezone, not your contacts' timezone. For example, your app is set to New York time and your contact's timezone is France. When you schedule a broadcast to send at 10 am on Monday, it will send to your contact at 4 pm on Monday.

Now, your broadcast is ready to go live!🎉🎉

Tip: If you need to edit a live campaign, just pause the campaign and edit it. Republish it when you finish editing.

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