We're so excited to announce that you can automate your Instagram and Facebook with EngageMessage now!

What does it do?

  1. Automatically reply to comment publicly on a post.

  2. Automatically send a direct message to the people who left the comment.

What account is eligible for this automation?

  1. Business Instagram account

  2. Facebook Page

What do you need to do?

Step 1. Connect your Instagram/Facebook account to EngageMessage

Option 1.

When you log in to your EM account, the app will ask if you want to set the Instagram and Facebook series live. If you choose to set live here, it will direct you to connect your Instagram account or Facebook Page.

Option 2.

Open EngageMessage app > go to Home page > scroll down and find the new Instagram and Facebook series > tap any Instagram series or Facebook series, the app will direct you to connect your Instagram account or Facebook Page.

Step 2. Log in with Facebook to finish the connection

Then, you can follow the instructions on the screen to connect your Instagram account or Facebook Page to EngageMessage. This process is done through Facebook.

Choose the business Instagram account you want to connect to EngageMessage. Then, choose the Facebook Page that is linked to the Instagram account chosen.

Note: you can only automate one Instagram account and one Facebook Page with EngageMessage. The app will ask you which account you want to choose after the connection process.

Give EngageMessage authorizations. Please make sure you select all.

Now, you've connected your Instagram account to EngageMessage. If you add more than one account, the app will ask you to choose one that you want to use the automation with.

Have trouble connecting your Instagram account to EngageMessage? Check this article.

Step 3. Set the series live

Currently, there are five automation series for Instagram and Facebook. You can find a detailed explanation of each series in the app.

  1. Auto DM People Who Comment on Your Instagram Post + Offer Coupon

  2. Auto Reply to Instagram Comment

  3. Auto DM People Who React to Your Instagram Story + Offer Coupon

  4. Auto DM People Who Comment on Your Facebook Page Post + Offer Coupon

  5. Auto Reply to Facebook Page Comment

After connecting your Instagram account and Facebook Page to EngageMessage, you can set the series live.

Trouble connecting your Instagram to EngageMessage?

Have questions? Chat with us in the app!

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