Let me walk you through the following steps to quickly get your EngageMessage account ready to use.

Step 1. Account set-up - adding the account name and company name, adding sender name and email address, adding the sender's profile photo, changing the time zone

Step 2. Add contacts on EngageMessage - necessary step to start using EngageMessage to send messages

Step 3. Inbox set-up - Do you want to know if your customers read your email responses? or when they read them? Do you want to manage all your emails in one place and reply quickly with saved templates? You should set up email forwarding to EngageMessage Inbox.

Step 1. Account Set-up

Account name & company name

At signup, we ask you to enter your name and company name. Let's say, it's John Doe and the company is Examply. When you send an email, the default sender name will appear as "John Doe from Examply". So your contact can quickly recognize who is send them messages. You can always change it later in the Settings.

Sender name and email address

If you do not want to use the default account name and company name as the sender name, you can change it. Also, you can change the sender's address. In other words, when your customers receive your emails, what will be shown on the "from" address? To change this, proceed to Settings > Addresses & Domains.

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Profile photo

Set a profile photo will add some personal touch to your messages. You can set your profile photo within EngageMessage and the photo will be shown to your users when you send them messages or reply to them.

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Time zone

By default, we set the time zone based on your local time. If you choose to send emails in another time zone. You can always change your time zone setting. Go to Settings > Time Zone.

Step 2. Add Contacts On EngageMessage

If you already have a list of contacts, you can add them on EngageMessage. So you can send email campaigns to your contacts. It does not matter how the contact is stored, you can add contacts from your phone's contact book, from a CSV file, enter an individual contact, or from another platform (Such as MailChimp).

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Step 3. Inbox Set-up

If you want to know whether your customers read your email responses, or when they read them. Or you want to manage all your emails in one place and reply quickly with saved templates. You should set up email forwarding to EngageMessage Inbox.

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